Urban Peace Squad
 is a donation Based Peace Workshop providing live Music, Yoga, Meditation and open Discussion in under served communities.

Urban Peace Squad operates as a 501(c)3 through parent company Liberation Prison Yoga.
All donations for Urban Peace Squad can be made here.


Maya Carr (Creative Director) is the creative force behind Urban Peace Squad's promotional material. A Camden, NJ native and founder of Around The Way 501(c)3.Maya dedicates her time to taking a culturally relevant approach to enriching the lives of young women in urban areas through educational projects and identity development workshops. Maya studied radio, television and film production at Rowan University.

Mimi Woods (Mental Health Specialist) is a licensed Social Worker, Certified School Social Worker and a Performance Artist. Using therapeutic techniques, education, art, culture and spirituality as the catalyst, Mimi is passionate and invested in creating transformative programs and events that will allow safe spaces for individuals. More specifically for Urban Peace Squad, she is committed to cultivating a culture that will allow discussion and healing around trauma and implementation of self care techniques and rituals.